Lachanodrakon, Michael

Lachanodrakon, Michael
   Strategos (q.v.) of the theme Thrakesion (qq.v.) under Constantine V (q.v.) and feared Iconoclast. His name inspired fear among both Arabs and Iconophiles (qq.v.). He won a great victory over Harun al-Rashid (q.v.) in 782. His zealous support of Iconoclasm (q.v.) was translated into an attack on monasticism (q.v.) in Thrakesion. Monastic properties were confiscated, and he burned to the ground the famous Pelekete monastery on Mount Olympos (q.v.). After the death of Constantine V in 775 he served under Constantine VI (q.v.), helping him to depose Irene (q.v.) in 790. He died on campaign against the Bulgars (q.v.) in 792.

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